Dance between colour and water: Reng-i Su

Reng-i su workshop seeks new expression opportunities by interpreting visual arts based on paper marbling (visual formats under water exposure) with the awareness of the difficulties that art approaches, whose tradition is not yet adopted in the country, and which have failed to create a background or visual familiarization as a craft for years. On the other hand, it works on integrating paper marbling tradition into the present by applying different materials.

It tries to make use of the tradition's technical background within its comprehension as well as taking the tradition's attributes system and magnificent abstract expressionism as the basis of the art's creation process. While it excludes all other approaches but paper marbling as an art, it particularly supports differentiation and discussing its consequences explicitly. Considering the fact that paper marbling has an independent expression capacity in addition to its tendency to cooperate with all disciplines of art, being one of the cultural elements of the society as a folk art, as well as being adorned with the tradition's background; it endeavours to complete art works in this field with theoretic studies and research.

It aims to make research on all the attempts and experiences of western art as far as possible and to interpret them in its own waters, at the heart of the philosophical approach of eastern arts that aim to maturize the artistic creation in terms of not only its works of art with its artist but also its viewers.

I wish for that the water from our tray may flow into the sea and free our inner water.