Marbling Course w/ Burhan Ersan

The main goal of our workshop is to create an understanding of painting based on tradition, and to convey it to friends, whom we can reach or who can reach us on different levels. Our paper marbling courses are given in Gumussuyu, Taksim / Istanbul, and Gumusluk / Bodrum. Mrs. Canan Alatli is lecturing the courses in Istanbul, and Burhan Ersan gives the ones in Bodrum.

Our courses begin with classical paper marbling works, and continue for 4 months.

After the theoretical training given in the first week of the courses, and battal paper marbling (stone/large form, also called "Tarz-i Kadim") works in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks, other types of paper marbling are taught, independent and creative studies are applied, and relationship and differences between paintings and paper marbling are displayed both visually and in practice in the last two weeks. Following these studies towards integrating abstract works with our individual perception, for about a month we continue with fabric studies for students interested in fabric works, and as for the rest of the students, we continue the courses with reng-i su techniques that form a basis for studying on glass. After the studies to gain competency on this technique for about 3 months, we begin applications on glass. And following these studies that last for about a month, we complete the first part of the course in 8 months.

Another part of our course is improving and personalizing reng-i su techniques, aiming to head towards abstract works in a way that enables one's own imagination and self-expression. Periods of these studies are set by each student in person. As there are students with whom we have been working for 9 years and have opened co-exhibitions together, there are also students who leave after 3-4 months to apply such techniques in different fields.