Hi, I am Burhan Ersan

In addition to his non-stop poetic studies after completing higher education, he has begun making visual studies that aim to reveal unknown fields of Zen-based action painting and its similarities to the paper marbling tradition in the village where he lived in seclusion since 1990s. At this point, he focused on the abstract language of poetry, its relationship and intersection points with painting. He tended towards transferring fluid and improvisational methods of poetry to paintings. He developed new techniques to visualize images and form an abstract language based on ancient techniques and experiences with the aim of conveying his own poetic language to visualization.

He decided on “Reng-i Su” studies that enrich visuality and traditional techniques with modern ones to reach directly to the abstract as a consequence of his research on folk arts and traditional arts. As a result of these studies, he developed various materials and techniques, particularly on canvas, by heading towards rendering colour stories and uniting the approaches of today’s abstract painting with our traditional abstract language that has developed notionally since the beginning.

He held various domestic and international exhibitions. He conducted studies towards the unity of art and society by holding exhibitions with his students in support for "Hope for Cancer Association". He participated in various seminars and congresses, analysing the relations between abstract paintings and paper marbling, and gave conferences that set up the theoretical basis of the efforts in creating a Turkish painting out of a paper marbling and poetry traditions under the title "from adornment to art". He canalized his lectures towards studies on "art and soul", extending such studies by including abstract approaches of the Ancient East in his studies. One of the founder members of Güneşe Resim Association (Beyoglu Plastic Arts Association) and a member of Upsd, Burhan Ersan had his interviews and programs broadcasted on various media institutions.